Management Information System is an imminent component of Planning and working of Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) project. Fully functional MIS Unit has been set up in the state for effective working and monitoring activities in the state.

MIS Unit set up at State Project Office (SPO), Porvorim; District Project Offices (DPOs) in both the districts, and Block Resource Centers in all the 12 Blocks are fully functional and equipped with adequate staffing and infrastructure.MIS Unit of the state is entirely operational with all Block level, District level and State level MIS Coordinators in place, and the offices are fully equipped with requisite computer hardware and software.

U-DISE (Unified-District Information System For Education):

U-DISE is the computerized school database system developed for Educational Planning and Management at National, State, Districts, Sub-Districts and even school level. Since U-DISE reports are the major source for the preparation of Annual Work Plan & Budget (AWP&B) relating to SSA project, utmost care has been taken to ensure coverage of schools and data accuracy. National University of Educational Planning and Administration (NUEPA), New Delhi has supplied, modified software exclusively for all states to generate Cluster, Block, District and State level reports.

It must be said that the U-DISE has greatly enhanced the reliability of our data by providing a single platform for unification, interpretation and data analysis of the school-system. Inadvertently it has also helped build significant bridges between Goa SSA and the Directorate of Education ushering in convergence on crucial issues of education.

The need of MIS:

Collecting and maintaining the state educational database in the form of U-DISE continues to be a daunting task, and a critical area of challenge. However a great deal of effort has been poured into the MIS-level exercise of cleaning the data and refining it’s analysis which has paid off into better understanding and usage of the same for annual planning at all levels from the cluster to block, district and state level DISE-based planning for AWP&B. With better application of mind to the entire process of data-collection and compilation, the MIS-unit has been better able to identify and plug the lacunae in the system, thus greatly enhancing the reliability and credibility of the database.

The entire planning for the AWP&B is soundly founded on the U-DISE. The MIS Unit headed by the state MIS coordinator has takes great care to verify and cross-verify the inputs of each U-DISE at all levels beginning from the school right up to the state level, making available a credible database for both SSA, RMSA, as well as for the Directorate of Education.