Kum. Sanjana Punaji Lohar

Sanjana Punaji Lohar is 14 yrs CWSN child having ortho impairment from khutwal Pernem- Goa. Her disability is so severe that she cannot move on her own. She is fully dependent on her parents to perform daily routine work. There are total five members in her family which includes grandmother, father, mother, herself and.........›› Read More


Kum. Venissa Fernandes

Venissa Fernandes is a 13 yrs old child from Tambose village of Pedne Taluka situated in North District of Goa. Her mother has 3 children. Venisa is the younger daughter in her family. She was born with disability of Ortho Impairment. When her mother observed the difference in her growth and development, she was.........›› Read More


Kum. Tanvisha

Tanvisha was born on 22nd April 2008, at Khede – Priol village of Ponda Block North district of Goa. Her mother and father have two daughters. She is elder one. Tanvisha is seven year old and her younger sister is 2years 6months old. Presently they are staying at Khede- Priol in their own house. Father is working in a private.........›› Read More


Miss. Salonivani Pappu Singh

Miss. Salonivani Pappu Singh, female child having low vision disability by birth due to this her family members were very upset about it. Now She is in IIIrd standard student at Government Primary School Baina No 1 of Mormugao Taluka. She is Eight years old girl, at present her address is Baina. Salonivani’s Father is working.........›› Read More